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Farnsworth House Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

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The Farnsworth House predates the civil war and was built in 1810.

Location of the Gettysburg Farnsworth House is 400 block Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Today the Farnsworth House serves as a Bed & Breakfast.

The haunted Farnsworth house is said to have at least 10 ghosts or spirits.

The Farnsworth House is listed on the Register of Historic Places.


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Photos of the Historic Farnsworth House and Farnsworth House History, Gettysburg Historic Sites.

  The historic Farnsworth house was witness to the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. The south side of the Civil War era Farnsworth house still scarred with 100 plus bullet holes, is a reminder of the three day cataclysmic battle fought here. Confederate sharpshooters occupied the Farnsworth House taking shots at Union soldiers.

Historic Farnsworth House Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Historic Farnsworth House located on Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Farnsworth House picture taken in June 2004.

Haunted Farnsworth House

  The Farnsworth house is possibly best known as being haunted. According to the Travel Channel, The Farnsworth House is on the top 10 most Haunted Inns. More than 10 spirits are said to be dwelling haunted Farnsworth house. Often the most talked about intriguing Farnsworth ghost stories, is that of a little boy who apparently was killed by horse and carriage while playing in front of the Farnsworth homestead. The ghost of the small boy resides here. People visiting the haunted Farnsworth home often hear items being moved in the attic area, and voices coming from unseen persons.

You can listen to many more scary Farnsworth House ghost stories by attending the Candlelight Ghost tours.

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