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Gettysburg Civilians Books.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, these were some of the more well known civilians with a direct tie to the fighting in Gettysburg. Each person has a unique story that is both fascinating and heroic! See All Civil War Civilians. These book links will re-direct you to our affiliate,

Civil War Books Gettysburg Book Store Women of the Civil War


Women at Gettysburg

E. F. Conklin. Tells the story of 40 women who served on the field of Gettysburg both during and after the battle. These army matrons, Christian and Sanitary Commission workers, State agents, laundresses, nurses, vivandieres, soldiers, and civilians represented states from Maine to Louisiana, and include among them three recipients of the Kearny Cross. "All Civil War books should be researched this well." - Civil War News. 430 pgs.


Firestorm at Gettysburg
Firestorm at Gettysburg

Civilian Voices June-November 1863. Slade & Alexander. In this book, the civilians who lived through the battle of Gettysburg recount this pivotal event in their own words. Their eyewitness accounts, spanning from June 15, 1863, through Lincoln's address in November of that year, are compelling tales told by those literally trapped inside the lines of the two great, warring armies. 208 pgs., 160 B&W photos, 8˝"x 11", hdbd. $39.95

Meet the Civilians
Jennie Wade of Gettysburg

Jennie Wade
Mary Virginia Wade or Jennie Wade, was the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg. Jennie was 20 years old at her death during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Tillie Pierce picture

Tillie Pierce
Matilda "Tillie" Pierce or Tillie Pierce, wrote perhaps the best documentation about events that took place during the Battle of Gettysburg. Tillie Pierce was only 15 years old at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Salome Myers

Salome "Sally" Myers
Elizabeth Salome Myers a schoolteacher, got over the sight of blood and helped care for wounded soldiers during the Battle of Gettysburg.

John Burns of Gettysburg

John Burns
Gettysburg Civilian John Burns, a veteran of the War of 1812, picked up his flintlock musket and went to the scene of the fighting. At 70 years old, he was wounded during the fight.

Elizabeth Thorn

Elizabeth Thorn
Buried 91 soldiers in the Evergreen Cemetery while she was six months pregnant.

The Colors of Courage: Gettysburg's Forgotten History: Immigrants, Women, and African Americans in the Civil War's Defining Battle

In the summer of 1863, as Union and Confederate armies converged on southern Pennsylvania, the town of Gettysburg found itself thrust onto the center stage of war. The three days of fighting that ensued decisively turned the tide of the Civil War. In The Colors of Courage, Margaret Creighton narrates the tale of this crucial battle from the viewpoint of three unsung groups--women, immigrants, and African Americans--and reveals how wide the conflict's dimensions were. A historian with a superb flair for storytelling, Creighton draws on memoirs, letters, diaries, and newspapers to bring to life the individuals at the heart of her narrative. The Colors of Courage is a stunningly fluid work of original history-one that redefines the Civil War's most remarkable battle.

At Gettysburg; or, What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle (Illustrated Edition)

Matilda (Tillie) Pierce Alleman (1848-1914) was a young girl of 15 and a resident of Gettysburg during the battle of Gettysburg. Her maiden name was Tillie Pierce. During the first day's fighting, Tillie's father, James Pierce, ran a butcher shop in the town. During the first day of fighting at Gettysburg, the Pierces moved Tillie out of the town to a farm, thinking she would be safer there. It turned out that Tillie ended up right behind the Union lines on the second and third day. The farm where she stayed became a field hospital, and this young girl witnessed much suffering and death. Later in life, Mrs. Alleman wrote an account of what she saw, and it is considered a very accurate and excellent first hand source.

John Burns

The Hero of Gettysburg. Smith. John L. Burns remains one of the most famous civilian warriors in American history. This full-length biography sorts out fact from fiction, covering how he was wounded, captured and survived to become a national celebrity; how he received a personal thanks from Abraham Lincoln; how Congress passed a special act granting him a pension; and much more. 203 pgs., 60 B&W photos, 6"x 9", sfbd.

The Ties of the Past : The Gettysburg Diaries of Salome Myers Stewart, 1854-1922

Memoirs of a schoolteacher who became caught up in the horrible battle at Gettysburg, nursing wounded soldiers.

The Jennie Wade Story

Jennie Wade Story, you will learn the history of this young lady and of her family before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg. Reading this book will introduce you to the birth of Mary Virginia Wade "Jennie Wade" to the tragic death of this Gettysburg civilian during the fighting on July 3, 1863. The author sheds some light on a possible relationship with a young man named Jack Skelly who died of his wounds while fighting for the Union Army.

At Gettysburg Or What A Girl Saw And Heard Of The Battle: A True Narrative (1889)

At Gettysburg: Or, What A Girl Saw And Heard Of The Battle


The Unknown Civil War Series: Gettysburg

From the Unknown Civil War series that was made by the Graystone Communications Group and was shown on the History Channel. This set has 12 episodes and a bonus roundtable. Many of these episodes have never been on DVD before, only on VHS.

Disc 1:
The Heroes Of Gettysburg
Jenny Wade Of Gettysburg
Tillie Pierce Of Gettysburg
Joshua L. Chamberlain At Gettysburg
Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg
General John Buford
Disc 2:
The Legends Of Gettysburg
The Irish At Gettysburg
USA Commanders At Gettysburg
CSA Commanders At Gettysburg
Lee's Commanders: The Men Who Fought For A Legend



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