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Schriver House Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

Historic Schriver House in Gettysburg.

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  • The Schriver House was built in 1860.
  • Location of the Gettysburg Schriver House museum is 309 Baltimore Street. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Today the Schriver House serves as a museum that focuses on what Gettysburg Civilians experienced during the Gettysburg Battle and of course, the Schriver family.
  • During the Battle of Gettysburg, George Schriver and his wife Hettie lived in the house with there two small children.


Photos of the Shriver House and Schriver House History, Gettysburg Historic Sites.

  The historic Schriver house was built shortly before the American Civil War in 1860, and witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg in the summer of 1863. The Schriver house was occupied by Confederate Sharpshooters that were taking aim at Union soldiers in the direction of Cemetery Hill . Gettysburg Civilians witnessed at least two Confederate sharpshooters killed in the Schriver house.

Schriver House Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Historic Schriver House museum is located on 309 Baltimore Street Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Schriver House picture taken in July 2004.

Schriver House Museum

The Schriver house produced some antiques and Civil War relics such as live confederate .58 caliber bullets.

Schriver House Tour

The Schriver House tour will take you to all floors including the basement which was a saloon, and the attic, where the Confederate sharpshooters were located. For more information see



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Devils in the Attic

Devils in the Attic

Confederate Sharpshooters in the Schriver House. Andrew Chernak. During the Battle of Gettysburg, Confederates snipers found concealment in the attic of the Schriver House. This magnificently detailed pewter sculpture not only recalls the drama and ferocity of the fighting, but it also includes original wood from the Schriver House floorboards! Limited edition sculpture measures 5" high.

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